Honors & Awards

Black Student Excellence Awards
Rising Star Award: 
Elizabeth" Lizie" Popoola
Outstanding Senior:  
Darian Johnson
Mentoring Award:
Kevin Thompson
Service Award: 
Valencia McKInney
Inspirational Leader:  Sheron Thomas

Inspirational Women Awards

Faculty Member: Dr. Elizabeth Cudney
Staff Member: Tina Reagan
Student: Lauren Werkmeister

Winter Student Leadership Awards
Model the Way: 
Nathan Loya
Inspire a Shared Vision: 
Kaite Cocks
Enable Others to Act: 
Nathan Compton
Encourage the Heart: 
Rose Rackers
Challenge the Process: 
Samareh Moradpour
Diversity Leadership (Student): 
Kiana Gater
Diversity Leadership (Staff):
Brett Watson

Model the Way: 
Alyssa McCarthy
Inspire a Shared Vision: 
Krystal Peterson
Enable Others to Act: 
Malachi Rein

Diversity Leadership (Staff):  Dr. Christi Luks
Encourage the Heart:  Mary Puleo
Challenge the Process:  Ian Hoover
Diversity Leadership (Student):  Sheron Thomas

Model the Way: Braxton Hoenes‌‌
‌‌‌Inspire a Shared Vision: Sheron Thomas
Enable Others to Act:  Clayton Yingling
Diversity Leadership (Staff): Jennifer Watson
Encourage the Heart: Brennan Miller
Challenge the Process: Ali Piper
Diversity Leadership (Student):  Stanley Charles Edward Brown II

Model the Way: Mitchell Duncan
Encourage the Heart: Hannah Barber
Inspire a Shared Vision: Kyle Robertson
Challenge the Process: Mac Prather
Enable Others to Act: Nathan Boys
Diversity Leadership (Student): Elise Kittrell
Diversity Leadership (Staff): Cecilia Elmore

Model the Way
: Nathan Leezer
Encourage the Heart: Charles Beauvais
Inspire a Shared Vision: Danielle Bowels-Martin
Challenge the Process: Destinee Rea
Enable Others to Act: Edward "Buddy" Pearson
Hunger Awareness Month- Diversity Program of the Month

Speak UP Speak OUT- Awarded Diversity Program of the Year 2009-2010